Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Monday, February 27, 2012

On top of the work in Mexico

Pix from customary even in Mexico

Letter from curtis February 27, 2012

Dear Family,
We had a lovely baptism this Saturday. Ángel has progressed a lot and truly repented since we met him four months ago. I am so pleased to have had the priveledge to have baptized him. He was very happy about his baptism, as were we. This week we have a baptism of an elderly man. He had brain surgery a little more than a year ago and then lost his wife. He can't walk well and has trouble remembering names, but as we taught him the gospel, he felt the Spirit comforting him about his wife and his life. He has a sincere desire to get baptized and go to the temple to seal himself to his wife. He passed his baptismal interview this Sunday and his baptism is planned for this Saturday.
I went on exchanges a lot of last week. Just as my district starts to get the hang of things, they move us all around. It's part of progression. We're facing a lot of the same challenges as we started with a few months ago. Things are, however, going well. The elders in my district seem happy and are starting to baptize. We're working hard altogether.
This week we'll have more exchanges, but I'll be staying in my area. We have a lot of work to do, but all will be well.
This week's letter is brought to you by the hymn Think not, When you Gather to Zion:

Think not when you gather to Zion,
Your troubles and trials are through,
That nothing but comfort and pleasure
Are waiting in Zion for you:
No, no, ’tis designed as a furnace,
All substance, all textures to try,
To burn all the ‘wood … and [the] stubble,’
The gold from the dross purify. …
Think not when you gather to Zion,
The Saints here have nothing to do
But to look to your personal welfare,
And always be comforting you.
No; those who are faithful are doing
What they find to do with their might;
To gather the scattered of Israel
They labor by day and by night.

This is one of my favorite hymns that unfortunately is no longer in they hymnal. When we gather to Zion, that is, when we are baptized and confirmed, we enter into a world of work. The church is designed to purify us. Purification is never an easy process. It involves burning and cutting and is generally very hard. Nevertheless, it leaves you pure. The church is designed to perfect us, to make us, in the end, as our Father is. It's hard, but worth it. I know that that is the goal of the Father and, thus, is the goal of the church. I know He lives and is constantly working. I will work too.

All My Love,
Élder Sudbury

PS Mom and Dad, congrats on your talks. Melanie and Tim, congrats on the reward. SalleeAnn and Matt, let me know the news. Noella, please tell me more about your work and your plans. JuleeAnn and Chris, with luck I'll see you there. I love you all!