Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Friday, June 18, 2010

Curtis' letter June 19, 2010

Curtis and his new companion, Elder Perez

Dear Family,
I don´t have a lot of time again.  To start off, Happy Father's Day Dad!!! :)  I'm not entirely sure when it is, but happy Father's day nonetheless ;)  Happy Birthday Mom!!! :) I'll be writing on Monday again, but for now enjoy :)
A lot of stuff has happened in the last week and a half.  In the district meeting the night after I wrote you, we were told that there was going to be special transfers throughout the mission for various reasons.  Èlder Montalvo was transfered to Iztapalapa and Èlder Perez came here with me.  We've been having a fabulous time.  He also has abut 2 months left, but wants to work those last two months as hard as he can, so we get along great :).  We commited somebody to baptism for the end of this month and we're trying as hard as we can to get her to complete that goal.  We have a more...ambitious...goal for next month, but I don't want to give away the surprise ;).  We know that all the success we've been and will be having comes from the Lord.  We've seen that we, on our own, are terrible teachers, but when the Spirit is directing us, and really teaching through us, the lessons are always exactly what they're supposed to be.  God blesses this work.
The members are also gaining confidence in us.  They are setting up family home evenings and giving us references where before they did nothing.  When the members help as well, this work cannot be stopped from "rolling forward and filling the whole earth."
All in all, I am wonderfully happy.  The mission has its trials and tests and I come home tired daily, but I am happy :).  I am happy because the Spirit of God abides with me and this companionship.  My God lives.  I have no doubt of that because I feel His love within me.  I know that this is God's Church and His Work.  I know that the only way to be happy is by strict obedience to the commandments of God.  It's difficult, but I can testify that the joy and peace it brings to your heart is worth it.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and guides and directs this church in the latter-days.  I know these are the last days of the earth and that we must prepare temporally and spiritually for the battles that are to come.  But God is faithful and will protect us.  I testify that God is Love, that this work is the Work of Love on the earth and that every member is so called to serve, even if it's just lending service to others and showing them love.
We rescheduled our P-Day to Thursday so we could go to a place called Chaputalpec (or something like that).  It's a government park with museums, a zoo, and a lot of cool things.  We went to the zoo (free) and saw a lot of really cool animals.  We even went in to the butterfly house (not free, but cheap) and it was fantastic.  We then saw people called Voladores or Flyers.  They are part of an old Aztec tradition (I think it's Aztec...).  They climb to the top of a tower, wind a rope up, and then hang upside-down as the tower unwinds.  After that we went to the National Anthropological Museum.  It was very cool to see all the history of Mèxico.  It was also interesting to see how the gospel was perverted over time after they killed off all the christians.  For instance, Quètzalcoatl, the main god in the Mayan (or Aztec, unsure which) religion, came, said he'd come again, and came as a white bearded man.  He travelled to the underworld to rescue the souls of men and, in an act of self-sacrifice, mixed his blood with their souls to create partially divine man who would eventually populate the universe :).  Where the perversion comes is when they then sacrifice daily to help replenish the blood supply of Quètzalcoatl. :P  It was all very cool, but we got back late so I didn't get to write yesterday, so we're taking a few minutes to do it today. 
Tell Chris thank you for the letter and the advice, I've taken it into consideration.  Tell JuleeAnn good luck with the job :).  Go Celtics! Go Mèxico (we won yesterday, by the way)! ;)  Tell everyone Hi for me :).  I Love you All!!!
With All My Heart,
Èlder Sudbury
     P Day and a trip to historic Mexico with some of the missionaries in Mexico City
    P Day in Historic Mexico with some of the other missionaries

    Curtis and his first companion in Mexico - Elder Montalvo

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