Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 20, 2010

Dear Family and friends,

Well, the first on the list is that last week, after all Élder Bryant's test results came back negative, ruling out parasites, vitamin deficiencies, and a host of other diseases, our mission doctor sent us to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor).  He was a particularly good one (the mission only recommends doctors that have practices in the Ángeles hospital in the Federal District, the best in México).  After a rather thorough exam of Élder Bryant's ears, nose, and throat, the otolaryngologist found that the bone and cartilage in the middle of his nose was bent to one side quite a bit.  He feels quite certain that it is this that is causing Élder Bryant's apnea.  To be certain, he suggested running a test by the name of a polysomnogram. It's a rather complete test and we should get the results in about a week and a half.  If that deviation is the only problem, Élder Bryant will probably undergo a very simple surgery to correct the passage which should solve any problems he has with apnea for the rest of his life.  I'm quite certain that, more than anything, God wanted me in this area at this time because very few other missionaries would have noticed and known what sleep apnea was and commented it to the doctor.  I'm very grateful to be able to be an instrument in the hands of God in this and any other manner.

Layman's terms: we're making progress with Élder Bryant's health issues and I'm grateful to help.

We haven't done much work with investigators, due to the continued correction of Élder Bryant's health, but sometimes that is important as well.  This is a benefit that will last him the rest of his life, and if I can have a hand in that, I'm happy to do so.

I've learned a lot from God this week.  He had a lot to say :P.  The culmination of the many things I learned are found in a talk by Neal A. Maxwell by the name of "Meekness -- A Dimension of True Discipleship."  I have learned, by and large, to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength wherever I'm put.  God has a purpose for me being wherever I am.  All I can do is put myself in His hands and trust in the Hands of the Master Sculptor.  If I truly try to trust Him, He will make me whatever I need to be.

A song on one of the CDs Mom sent me has a line that I really like.  I couldn't find the lyrics online, but the line I like is:

The mistakes you make don't define you,
They refine you.

I know that I have made lots of mistakes, for which I do need to repent and have repented.  The reason I mention that, however, is to show the refining process that I know I'm under.  I know that serving a mission and the entirety of my life is to refine me to make me more pure.  Gold must go through an intense melting process to burn away and separate all impurities; this process is called refining gold.  The furnace of life and the kiln of repentance in which I have put myself is a process that all must pass through throughout their lives to become the pure soul that God wants.  I thought I'd share with you that process in me.  I know I'm not perfect, but my mistakes don't define me, they refine me.  I know that every mistake, experience, and event can be used by the Master Refiner and Craftsman to make us better.  I know I'm in that process.  I know that following Living Prophets is one very good and distinct way to put yourself in His Hands.  I know that there is a living prophet on the earth.  I know he guides--under the direction of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost--Their church.  This is the True Church of God created in the last days of the world to refine all humanity who would diligently follow God.  I know the work I'm in is vital in that Work.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Immortal Son of God.  He is my redeemer, my pastor, and my friend.  I know it with all my heart and will hold fast to it.

All my Love,
Élder Sudbury

Mom, got the card, thank you :).  Dad, feel better.  Well done in Ticket to Ride ;).  Melanie & Tim, do let me know how my biggest neice and littlest nephew are doing.  SalleeAnn and Matt, let me know how the tests go and when you match.  I just sent a letter off to you.  Noella, I hope the letter got to you safely.  JuleeAnn & Chris.....don't let the bedbugs bite ;).  To all, I love you dearly.  I hope all is well.

With Love,
Élder Sudbury

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