Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letter for August 22, 2010

Dear World,

A fantastic week. We baptized all but the son of the Ramirez Family this Sunday. :) They were very ready to take that step upon them. I'm glad that I had a chance to be part of that. They were all so very happy. :) We are working hard and are seeing the Lord bless us a LOT. We are blessed to have an area that has been well taken care of by the missionaries before us as well as the members. There are quite a few more people who are getting ready to get baptized, many of which made the commitment to get baptized a while ago but fell through for one reason or another. There is a significant retention problem in this area though...I still am not entirely sure if there's a single cause, but I really hope the people who have gotten baptized will continue strong :).

Élder Bryant and I are getting along very well. He appeals more to my nerdy side, but all is well :). Past that I don't have a ton of news. The work is going well, we are getting along well, and God is on our side. :)

As for personal thoughts, I've learned a lot about the atonement this last week. I realized that, when we seriously mess up and would have ruined our own lives, Christ gave his life so we could have another chance. I learned that nothing that we've done is too great to undo by Christ. I've learned more fully what it means to have a Savior. He saves us. I know what it means to have a Redeemer. He makes us new. I'm so grateful for Who I have.

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