Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Monday, August 30, 2010

Letter from Curtis on August 30, 2010

A little more time this week :).
It's been a great week full of happiness. :)
First I have to tell you all about a fantastic miracle that happened this week.  We were in our weekly planning session, Élder Bryant and I, and it was drawing to a close.  We spend a lot of time praying about specific people during that session, especially the people we feel could be ready to take the step of baptism.  We had prayed about all those people and didn't feel that any of them were ready for this week.  We set a lot of goals for new investigators, people with baptismal date, baptisms and confirmations and I like to pray about our decisions for those goals to see if it's what God wants.  We, after praying about the people we had, had put a goal of 0 baptisms this week.  We prayed about that goal and felt impressed that God wanted us to baptise one person.  We had no idea who that person was.  We started praying about everyone we had, trying to figure out who God wanted us to baptize this upcoming week.  I felt it was a person named Veronica, but we were praying individually and Élder Bryant hadn't finished yet, so I kept praying about how we were going to help her get to that point.  We didn't even think Veronica believed in God, let alone wanted to get baptized, so I was on total reliance of the Lord.  As I continued praying I felt in my heart the confirmation of my answer that it was she who was to get baptized this week and that she would tell us herself what she needed the next day. Élder Bryant got done praying and felt the same impression.  We were both shocked but decided to go with God's will. :)  That was Friday.  Saturday came around and Veronica and her family were supposed to be cleaning the chapel (her mom and sister are members).  Miracle 1 happened, the people with the keys didn't show up.  They came back and we met up with them to eat lunch.  They wouldn't have even been there if the person had shown up with the keys.  We had lunch (fried tacos with spaghetti, I made the spaghetti :) ), and she still hadn't said anything.  I felt we should stick around a little bit longer and we got on the subject of the church.  She then told us something extremely surprising to us.  She said "I want to get baptized."  We were hugely surprised.  She had been avoiding talking about baptism with us for over a month.  She is a headstrong, twenty-year-old, half-rebel who does nothing she doesn't want to do.  I think she's awesome ;).  I had been hoping she would get to that point.  She then fulfilled the "prophecy" we had had the night before.  She told us exactly what her difficulties with the church are.  We will be having a family home evening with her family tomorrow.  Pray for us to have the Spirit. :)  This was a wonderful experience for me.  God told me very directly what was going to happen and it happened :).  It was my "fleece," my evidence from God that I could trust in myself (the reference, I think, is the story of Gideon in the Bible).  I'm very grateful.
That's my big story for the week.  The work is moving forwared in Cuatro Vientos.  All is well. :)  We see our share of miracles every day.  God is blessing us in a marvelous and amazing manner.  I know He is with us.
A little more information about my companion.  Elder Jameson Reese Bryant is twenty-one years old, lived in Utah for the first half of his life and comes from North Carolina.  He is a fantastic, fun companion that loves comics and is teaching me how to draw :).
Well, that's about it from the front lines.  I hope all is well wherever you are when you read this. :)
As for personal thoughts, the lyrics from "my holy house" come to mind.
Windows and doors open and close
Keeping out and letting in,
The dark and the light, Wrong and the right.
I decide what enters in.
Things that I choose Determine if I lose
All the light That's within my Holy house.
Shadowy voice speaks at my door
With many dark things to say.
What should I do? The spirit inside
Tells me I should turn away.
A temple of light With windows clean and bright,
Lights the soul that's within my Holy house.
My Holy House
Mine is a house of holiness,
Up to me to keep it clean.
My own temple full of love and light,
Where the Spirit stays with me.
I begin to see Souls in need,
Knocking so gently; Hearts to feed.
Should I let them into my life?
Is there room inside for love, for love?
Seeking to help, seeking to care,
Making a welcome place;
With each kind step, love fills the room,
Granting the Savior's grace.
A temple of light
With windows clean and bright,
Lights the soul that's within my Holy house.
Mine is a house of holiness,
Up to me to keep it clean.
My own temple full of love and light,
Where the Spirit stays with me.
I'm learning to control, as King Benjamin encouraged, myself, and my thoughts, and my words, and my deeds.  It's not especially easy, but God is helping a lot. :)
As always, I end with my testimony.  I know this is God's church. I know that revelation exists, that prophecy is real, that God knows what is going to come to pass.  I know that God lives and answers our prayers.  I know that He has saved me and guides me.  I'm so very grateful for all that I've received.  I know that we are led by revelation from a living prophet.  I know that power and miracles are on the earth again.  I cannot deny it, for I've felt it and seen it.  I know it.
All my Love,
Élder Sudbury

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