Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter from Curtis August 1, 2011

Well, you all wrote such fantastic emails that I'm completely out of time.  I'll learn to read faster and print out some emails, please keep sending details.

This week was a little harder, not many people were home.  Nevertheless, we found one new investigator that came to church and seems to really be progressing.  Her name is Diana and her baptismal date is for the 21st.  All is well.

I wanted to share a line from a hymn, it is: I Believe in Christ.

What a simple phrase, but so profound!  I believe in the being that saved to whole world from sin.  I believe in He who wrought miracles and gave us a perfect example to follow.  I believe in the miracles, in the life, and in His promise.  I believe in Christ!

Thank you for all you do.  You all have my great love.  I'll send pictures next week.

The mission home has been rented, it's the one we found that last week.
All my Love,
Élder Sudbury

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