Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letter from Curtis May 7, 2011

Well, it's been a short week (such an oxymoron, that.  A week is always the same amount of time...).  We've been going to zone conferences and on exchanges most of the week.  We got the official announcement that the mission is going to split, what zones are going, etc.  We have to find a new house as this office is going to be for the Mexico City South-East Mission.  I think I've found a suitable one, but someone is planning on signing a contract on it Monday night or Tuesday morning.  President is going to see it Monday morning and, if he approves it, we'll rent it on the spot (right out from under the other people's noses).  I've realized that's sort of the way house shopping is.  We'll see how it all turns out.  Élder Carreón, one of the assistants, has already been designated as going to the new mission.  We've also been informed that two of us secretaries will be going to the new mission as well.  I don't know who it's going to be, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I was one of the two.  We'll find out soon.

Well, I'm calling tomorrow.  I was planning on 3:30 MY time, but 4:30 will do ;).  Glad we got that cleared up before tomorrow.

In the conferences we've been watching a talk by Élder Holland that he gave in the MTC.  It is really good.  One of the things he talks about is how the calling we receive to discipleship is for forever.  Once we make the covenant of discipleship, we can never go back.  He talked about Peter who, after Christ ascended to heaven, not knowing what else to do, went fishing along with James and John.  Christ comes and visits them and asks them if they love Him more than the fish and directs them that, if it is so, that they must leave what they left so willingly 3 years before and establish the church.  One must commit for forever.

That's my exciting thought for the week.

This week's letter is brought to you by Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth
Home can be a heav’n on earth
When we are filled with love,
Bringing happiness and joy,
Rich blessings from above—
Warmth and kindness, charity,
Safety and security—
Making home a part of heaven,
Where we want to be.
Drawing fam’ly near each week,
We’ll keep love burning bright.
Serving Him with cheerful hearts,
We’ll grow in truth and light.
Parents teach and lead the way,
Children honor and obey,
Reaching for our home in heaven,
Where we want to stay.
Praying daily in our home,
We’ll feel His love divine;
Searching scriptures faithfully,
We’ll nourish heart and mind.
Singing hymns of thanks, we’ll say,
“Father, help us find the way
Leading to our home in heaven,
Where we long to stay.”
This week is Mother's day.  I know my parents, especially my Mother, have made my home a Heaven on earth.  I know that the celestial habits I must form in my own home will make my home a Heaven on earth for my wife and children.  I know that the home should rightfully be an extension of Heaven.  I know that my family and I can be together forever if we are all faithful.  I know that that is worth the battle.  I know that I can return with my family to my Home Above after this life and that we will NEVER stop being a family.  I know that God lives and that Christ's atonement made all of this possible.  I have covenanted to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and I can never go back...and I don't want to do so.  I love my God and my Savior because I know that They first Loved me.

All my Love,
Élder Sudbury

PS I'll talk with you all tomorrow!  With the exception of Matt and SalleeAnn.  I can't call you, I'm sorry.  We only get one call to one place.  Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl Abigail May Miller.  I can't wait to meet her ;).

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