Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from Curtis May 21, 2011

Well another very interesting week has passed.  We received the visit from Élder Oaks and Élder Johnson from the area presidency this last Tuesday.  It was very exciting.  He talked a lot about receiving revelation; he talked about the things we can do to receive revelation and how it can come.  It was really a fantastic time, short though it was.  He shook everyone's hand before the meeting begun, but that was all the personal communication that we had with him.  It was a very special experience.

This week was hard as far as proselyting is concerned.  Yesterday we saw a lot of blessings, however.  We found one person who wants to find out about our church and see if it is a place where he can raise his family.  He seems very sincere in that desire, though he talks a LOT.  We later had an appointment that cancelled on us, but their neighbor asked us to come in and pray for her daughter who is sick.  We taught her about prayer, the Savior, and the guidance of the Lord.  She said that, if or when she finds out that our church has the Authority of God and that it's the only one that has that Authority, she will get baptized again under that Authority.  Yesterday was a day of miracles and blessings.  We haven't been deserving of all the many blessings God has literally poured out upon us.  I don't understand it, really, but God is guiding us a lot.  I'm so grateful for that.

We are still waiting on an answer for the house that we like.  I hope they say yes.  That house would be a great blessing to this mission.  I hope they say yes :).  We still don't know who is going where.  We asked President Chávez and he said that he honestly still doesn't know.  We'll find out soon, however.  I'll be sure to let you know.

We have a ward Family Home Evening tonight that is especially for investigators.  I hope it turns out well.  We have a lot of people that we've invited to come.  I'm excited to see what happens.

That's about all the news for the week.  I've been informed by my family that the world ends at 4:00 MDT (Mormon Daylight Time...might be some 15 minutes late ;) ) today.  If so, in echoing the words of the dolphins from Adam Douglas's The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"  If I had taken the possibility a little more seriously, I might have a more solemn farewell...but...I didn't. :P

This letter has been brought to you by the hymn A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief:

1. A poor, wayfaring Man of grief
Hath often crossed me on my way,
Who sued so humbly for relief
That I could never answer nay.
I had not pow’r to ask his name,
Whereto he went, or whence he came;
Yet there was something in his eye
That won my love; I knew not why.
2. Once, when my scanty meal was spread,
He entered; not a word he spake,
Just perishing for want of bread.
I gave him all; he blessed it, brake,
And ate, but gave me part again.
Mine was an angel’s portion then,
For while I fed with eager haste,
The crust was manna to my taste.
3. I spied him where a fountain burst
Clear from the rock; his strength was gone.
The heedless water mocked his thirst;
He heard it, saw it hurrying on.
I ran and raised the suff’rer up;
Thrice from the stream he drained my cup,
Dipped and returned it running o’er;
I drank and never thirsted more.
4. ’Twas night; the floods were out; it blew
A winter hurricane aloof.
I heard his voice abroad and flew
To bid him welcome to my roof.
I warmed and clothed and cheered my guest
And laid him on my couch to rest,
Then made the earth my bed and seemed
In Eden’s garden while I dreamed.
5. Stript, wounded, beaten nigh to death,
I found him by the highway side.
I roused his pulse, brought back his breath,
Revived his spirit, and supplied
Wine, oil, refreshment—he was healed.
I had myself a wound concealed,
But from that hour forgot the smart,
And peace bound up my broken heart.
6. In pris’n I saw him next, condemned
To meet a traitor’s doom at morn.
The tide of lying tongues I stemmed,
And honored him ’mid shame and scorn.
My friendship’s utmost zeal to try,
He asked if I for him would die.
The flesh was weak; my blood ran chill,
But my free spirit cried, “I will!”
7. Then in a moment to my view
The stranger started from disguise.
The tokens in his hands I knew;
The Savior stood before mine eyes.
He spake, and my poor name he named,
“Of me thou hast not been ashamed.
These deeds shall thy memorial be;
Fear not, thou didst them unto me.”
I love this hymn that talks about our dear Savior.  The small acts that the speaker did were enough to gain him great rewards.  Christ is the Bread of Life, the Living, Healing Water.  He is the Good Samaritan, He is"he who liveth, [he is] he who was slain; [he is my] advocate with the Father."  He has won my love.  I hope to serve my Shepherd my whole life.  I love Him.  I know He lives, for I have eaten and drunk His Bread and Water and it has filled my soul.  I know that He will always be there for me.  I love Him dearly.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His Church and Kingdom on earth and he Reigns in it.  I know I am in the work of the Lord.  I wish I could tell you all I have learned and how important it is to do this work, but this short testimony will have to suffice.  I know.  That knowledge has made and will make all the difference in my life.

All my Love,
Élder Sudbury

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