Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April 20th Letter from Curtis

From: Frederick Curtis Sudbury
Subject: Re: Missing you and loving you---
To: "Leeann Sudbury"
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 10:34 AM

In spanish it's exceptionally difficult to make anything complicated.� The words just don't exist to do it.� That "Let us go forth" I thought I sent to you a while back in one of my emails.� It is scriptural language, because it's a quote from Alma 56 :P.� I expected you to recognise it as it wasn't that long ago, so I didn't bother to explain it any further because it takes up time.� I apologise :P.�
Furthermore, I'm not sure where you keep getting this idea, but I do eat :P� Promise.� I don't fast every day all day :P� STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT :P� Physically, I am taking care of myself just fine, and the members feed me enough food every day that it would be ridiculously hard to starve :P.
As for experiences, I'm�well on my way to filling in the�journal Cliff�gave me, if I finish it before I leave, I'll ship it�home to you.
As for a brief recap of some experiences, I met someone who knows my mission president and gave me a letter to give to him.� I'm on exchanges almost every day because my companion is the district leader.� There are a lot of solid missionaries here, a lot of men that I admire.� My zone focuses a�LOT on the teaching skills section of�Preach�My Gospel,�with particular emphasis on role playing.� I don't especially like that, as that was a particular warning that we were given in the MTC, to not spend too much time on the teaching skills but, as Preach My Gospel itself suggests, to spend time studying the lessons, studying christlike attributes, and learning to depend on the�Spirit.� I do what is required of me, as always.� I know that the zone leaders are entitled to revelation that I do not have, and it is not my place to counsel them�in their callings, but I don't have to like all of their decisions :P.� We have a few people that are fairly solid investigators.� Some of them are progressing very quickly,�others are not.� It's interesting to�see who is ready for the gospel and has been prepared by the Lord and who is not (see the parable of the sower).� One thing they especially�emphasised in the MTC was the�verse in D&C 4 that says "the field is white already to harvest."� They told us to note that the field is not brown ready for the seeding.� We are called to find the people the Lord has already prepared to be gathered, and plant a few seeds on the way.� I've had a few experiences that have reaffirmed something that is very important to me.� We're not here to teach lessons.� We're not even here to teach the Gospel.� We're here to teach people.� If pure love for the people and God�isn't the center of the work we do and we don't show that love to the people we teach, we will not do the work God wants us to do.
All is going well with me.� I've very much become converted to missionary work.� Every time I testify of Truth I feel the Spirit guiding my words and testifying of that Truth.� I have felt the Lord guiding my words so often.� He has loosened my tongue so that I can speak the language in ways I didn't know I could when He needs me to say something.� I have taken the promise to "Open thy mouth and it shall be filled" literally, and the Lord has fulfilled that promise.� I have noted that the scripture says to open your mouth first and then the Lord fills it.� It takes that leap of faith first before you will have the power of God behind you.� Interesting to me...I've seen that very often.
Finally, my testimony.� God is guiding His work.� I know it because I am doing things that I, on my own, cannot do.� God has prepared every one of His servants so that they can, with His help, accomplish every requirement placed upon them.� God knows our capacity perfectly and will not stretch us further than we can go.� I know this is the Church of God.� I know that anyone who asks, truly wishing to know, can know for themselves the truth of this church.� I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.� I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.� I know that�God lives, Jesus is the Christ, and that I am on the Lord's errand.� I know that the authority of God is on the earth again and that it is by this authority that the church is being directed.
As for your questions:
Do you get letters in the mail when we send them to the mission address once a week or do you get them the same day that the mission home receives them?
I have no idea, they just show up in my mailbox :P
Do they call you in and call out your name to pick up your personal mail?
No...I just get them in my mailbox :P
Do you still only get 30 minutes to read your email and respond様ike you did before, or can you take your time using the computer?
No, I have much more time.� Feel free to keep sending emails
Where do you use the computer to email us?
The Logan Tabernacle
If you only get 30 minutes to respond to everybody, should we communicate with yoyu more through mailed letters while you are still in the country?
See previous answer :P
I guess you are not getting a day by day prediction of when you will have a VISA in place are you?
No idea
How do you like your mission president. He looks like a really sincere guy.
I've only talked to him briefly twice.� Seems like a nice enough guy though :P
Did you feel the Utah earth quake last week? Did you know that there was another huge earthquake in China?
No, I was in a car...I also heard it was remarkably week.� I get no news on anything, so that's rather suprising.� I hope not too much damage...
Do you need more postage stamps and paper?
No, plenty left :P.
Tell the others to write.� I love getting mail and Email :D
All my love,
Elder Sudbury

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