Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letter from Curtis - Tuesday April 27th

Thank you for the Jokes, they made me laugh. :D  Call Ryan's mom!  She would love somebody to talk to about what's going on with Ryan.  Also let her know that I haven't gotten any dearelder.com letters for a while.  I think DE.COM thinks that I'm still in the MTC :P.  Good luck on all your trips!
There is a certain kind of Spanish called Chilengo that is particularly prevalent in central Mexico.  It is that kind of Spanish that is very choppy and fast.  It is possible that such was Michael's experience.
Transfer news:  I transfer tomorrow to.....BOUNTIFUL! :D  Not quite Mexico, but it'll be an interesting change ;).  In further news, just so you know, I get to call on Mother's Day, Christmas, and when I'm in the airport.  Let me know what time on Mother's day is good for you.  No news as far as my Visa is concerned.
I have found that the more busy I am, the happier I am.  I was on exchanges in another area that is just being opened and I walked until my feet ached that day.  We even carried dinner with us because we didn't want to stop.  It's a difficult area to open because there are not a lot of hispanics and tons of students.  I loved that day! :)  That day I also helped two people how were moving, one in and one out.  Both of them were non-members.  That day I was blessed for the physical preparation I had undertaken before and during my mission, as every muscle was strained to the limit.  I am gaining a lot of muscle, but I haven't had a lot of chances to run.  I hope I get a chance to do more running during my misison.
One thing that Elder Bednar said in a talk was that you will always be guided by the spirit when you commit yourself to God even if you don't recognise or realise it.  That counsel has given me comfort on my mission.
I have had some interesting experiences with investigators.  In all these three weeks I have only had one lesson that I have felt impressed to lay out the scriptures and describe in very clear terms what they need to do.  Most of the time, what is important is lovingly guiding them to understand for themselves what is the gospel and inviting them to pray.  I have noticed further than whenever I am being led by the Spirit, the Spirit guides my Spanish as well as my thoughts.  When I am being led by the Spirit, my Spanish is significantly better than when I'm not in a situation to be guided to teach.  The promise that when you "Open your mouth [it will] be filled" is very true, and I know it.
I've realised recently that it is by God's grace that we have anything at all.  No farmer, no matter how skilled, can force a plant to grow.  He can provide the proper environment, but the actual growth is a miracle of God.  All the food we have is a result of this miracle.  Even the air we have to breath is a result of this miraculous growth.  The friends that have been in my life, who largely have made me the person I am, were put in my path and I was guided to them by God.  As a family, we were put together by God.  My intellect, my passions, all come from God.  I am so grateful to him for these fabulous gifts.
In other news, I finished Jesus the Christ yesterday.  That book is EXTREMELY long, but a good read ;).  Other than that, not a lot is new.
God has guided and will continue to guide my path.  I know it.  I cannot have any doubt that He is there.  He is real.  I have felt His power, his answers to my prayers, and all else in my life.  He is guiding this work and this church.  His prophet is on the earth.  Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, instrumental in bringing forth the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth.  That line of prophets is unbroken.  We have a prophet guiding our battle against the forces of evil today.  I add my witness to the millions of others that God Lives.  Christ is coming.  As he marches forth to fill the earth with the Kingdom of Heaven, I hope to be counted as part of His host.  The time is now to prepare for that day.  It comes quickly.
I hope all is well.  I love you all dearly and you're all in my prayers day and night.
Elder Sudbury

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