Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter of May 11, 2010 - Curtis is finally leaving for Mexico!

Dear Family,
I'm feeling much better.  The sore throat has finally almost gone and I've stopped taking pain killers.  Thank you :).  I'm sorry you're feeling sick though!
Write whatever you feel like writing, I don't care ;).  Rosetta stone is just on my computer.  Open it up and use the user's manual.  Get one of the girls (probably Melanie) to help you and all will be well.
So here's the news.  I leave for the Mexico Mexico City South Mission on the 17th of May.  My plane departs from the Salt Lake airport at 6:00 AM.  I get to go!!! :)  I can call from the airport and will probably call Matt and SalleeAnn then.  I'll call you briefly, but you'll be asleep ;)
As far as the work in Bountiful, every day miracles happen when you believe they can.  I've randomly felt impressed to knock on doors, go to different cities, or just talk with random people that have all been miracles in and of themselves.  I've talked with people who gave us possibilities of people to teach, encountered people who had been praying for someone to give them a priesthood blessing because they were having a hard time in their lives, and have given lessons that I randomly had felt impressed to prepare the night before.  I know that I'm not doing any of these things myself.  God is using me, and I cannot accept any credit for what I'm doing here.  If you believe that God can use you and put yourself in His hands, He will guide you.  I've seen that over and over again.  This is God's work, His mission, and His power that guides it.  I know that this is His church because I've felt it over and over and over again.  We are led by a prophet of God and God is personally directing this church.  I will stand by this church and my God forever.  It is the Kingdom of God on earth and we have been called to build it up :)  I love it.
I'm low on time today, but I hope all is well.
All my Love,
Elder Sudbury

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