Elder Curtis Sudbury

Elder Curtis Sudbury

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010 - Letter from Curtis

All mail goes to the mission office and they send it to the missionaries, so that address will be the same until I leave the Utah Ogden Mission.
An interesting week, overall.  My new missionary companion is Elder Banda from Texas.  He's a fantastic missionary that has only been a member for a little over 2 years.  I'm very blessed to have such a fantastic companion.
Bountiful is a little bit different as far as missionary work is concerned.  I'm still a spanish speaking missionary, as is Elder Banda, and we are assigned to a Spanish branch, but because latinos are few, far between, and hard to find in bountiful, we have been authorized to teach in either language (or a mix, as the case may be).  We have a few really solid investigators that can't get baptized until september because one of them is on probation.  It's currently for the best, because we're still trying to get them all to quit smoking.  It's an interesting predicament, overall :P.  We work with them every day.
As for interesting travel experiences, we attended a regional stake conference in the Salt Lake Conference center this sunday.  I was no more than five minutes from our house :P.  Furthermore, because we are a spanish branch in a highly unpopulated area, our branch boundaries are HUGE (and we have a car, Elder Banda is the District Leader here too ;) ).  Because of that, we pass by Dad's work almost every day :P.
Now then, last night I got quite sick.  I started shaking, feeling light-headed, and had a fever.  I got a priesthood blessing and decided to go to the hospital.  After hours of running every common blood culture they could think of, they told me they had no idea what I had. :P  I went home feeling a little better and slept quite well last night.  My fever is down today, but I still don't feel completely well.  I'll be fine, because my fever broke, but I'm glad for Priesthood reassurance.  I probably wouldn't even bother telling you this, but the bill should be coming to your PO Box, so I thought you should know that I'm fine.  I used the insurance card, but I think you still will have to pay because of the deductible.  Best of luck ;).
In completely random news, Happy Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!  And happy Cinco de Uno three days ago! :)  Please do remember, however, that Cinco de Mayo is only a holiday in the US, NOT in Mexico...they would have no idea what you were celebrating ;).  Cinco de Uno however is a classic holiday that should always be celebrated everywhere. :D
This part is more specifically for the Blog than just for family.  I'm deeply grateful for family and friends who have supported me.  You as a family all know how much I care for you and appreciate your support in the mission field and in life in general, but I don't think all my friends know it.  I likely would not be here, serving a mission and strong in the gospel, if it wasn't for the friends who uplifted me, put up with me, and helped me when I needed it.  To all of you who I love dearly, my friends, I can only offer you a very sincere Thank You.
As far as the Visa is concerned, there's still no word as to when, but I apparently got an email that had me send in some physical information for the Visa, so I'm not forgotten.
This is the Lord's work.  We are in the work of saving souls.  I know the church is true.  I know that God Lives, the heavens are not sealed, and God always answers prayers with a response.  I know Priesthood Power and Authority is the Power and Authority to act in God's name on the earth.  I know that this church is led and directed by the Power of God through Prophets of God.  I have no doubt of these things.
I love you all.  I hope to talk with you this Sunday.
All my Love,
Elder Sudbury

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